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For Burning Mouth Sufferers

Burning Mouth Syndrome is a disease of exclusion. This means that all other causes are ruled out as much as possible before a patient receives the BMS diagnosis. Dentists or Family Doctors are usually the first steps in this journey, and we have found that keeping detailed records of who you have seen, their findings and the treatments they recommended is an excellent strategy. You may find yourself in the position of educating a medical professional about a disorder they haven't encountered before, and you want to have your facts in hand.


When you go to a new specialist, bring a copy of your records for them to keep. Make a list of questions that you have. Be clear about medications, how to take them and very importantly, how to stop taking them if they aren't helping. Agree to a time period up front, and get your instructions in writing. 

When you receive a new medication, take a moment and run it through a Drug Interaction Checker to make sure you have no existing meds or supplements that might cause a poor or even dangerous interaction.

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