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Burning Mouth Syndrome Websites

These resources will include sites that deal with neuropathic pain and include Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Posting by the BMS Support website does not imply endorsement.  

Information posted here is not meant to be taken as medical advice.

Consult your personal doctor before applying any of the knowledge you gain here since every case is very individual.

Thank you.

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Stuff That Works

Some of the world’s most complex problems can only be solved by crowdsourcing. Understanding treatment effectiveness is one of them. Most of us dealing with a chronic condition spend hours online searching for better treatments because we feel no one has properly researched which treatments will work best for people like us.

Click on the image to learn more about how this organization uses AI and crowdsourcing to find the most effective treatments.

There is also a forum where you can ask questions and get answers...all about Burning Mouth Syndrome.


RELIEF: Pain Research, News, Insights, And Ideas

Burning Mouth Syndrome Research Podcast at:

Burning Mouth Syndrome comments begin at the 14.50-minute point in the podcast.  Many thanks to Professor Seminowicz for his work and support of Burning Mouth Syndrome research.

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U.K. Orofacial Pain Site

Orofacial Pain Site from the United Kingdom. Burning Mouth Syndrome is featured at

Senior Trans Person
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Burning Mouth Syndrome - Key Points and Definition Website

This site is included because it gives good, specific information, and useful links to resources for patients.

New Health Advisor

A decent overview of Burning Mouth Syndrome and some alternative treatments and coping strategies to consider.

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